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Developing Leaders at Oneness-Family High School of Washington

Andrew interviews Seth Kahan of Visionary Leadership.  Seth will be teaching a leadership class to Oneness-Family High School students. The 13 class series will be based on the successful Visionary Leadership Academy, for executives in Washington DC.

Oneness-Family High School of Washington: 4 fundamental principles

Learning at Oneness-Family High School is based on four fundamental principles: connectivity, collaboration, creativity and citizenship. Learn how these principles contribute to Montessori high school education.

Tim Seldin endorses the OFS High School

Tim Seldin, a respected leader in Montessori, discusses why he is excited about the Oneness-Family Montessori High School of Washington.

OFS High School 2D Video

An overview of the OFS Montessori High School of Washington

Oneness Family High School

Oneness-Family School teachers and administrators talk about opening the first Montessori high school in the Mid-Atlantic.

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